Committed to Your Growth

What do you need to be successful in health care? The ability to flourish in the midst of change, the skills to communicate with care and compassion, the expertise with spreadsheets and formulas to handle complex data, the information you need to make smart decisions about your career? Yes! The BILD team offers a variety of personal and professional development opportunities.

Career Services

Career Services provides tools and resources to help you develop your career. Online tools, individualized support, and workshops are available to help you through the different phases of your career development:

Start Your Journey – Reflect on where you see yourself in the future and create goals to get there.
Navigate Your Career – Explore various roles at BJC and how to apply.
Develop Your Skills – Use the learning and development opportunities available to grow personally and professionally.
Refine Your Resume – Get the support you need to demonstrate your unique skills.
Ace Your Interview – Make an impression to move to the next step in your career.

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or visit the Career Services page in Saba

Interpersonal Skills

BJC’s most valuable assets are the people who work here. Your individual successes contribute to BJC’s overall success. BILD provides a number of options to further your personal development: topics range from communication to emotional intelligence to resiliency. Your options aren’t limited to classroom events; check out each offering to learn about all the ways we deliver learning to you.

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Emotional Intelligence Program

This program is designed to enhance your self awareness and make emotions work for you to manage yourself and your relationships with others. Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and actions is crucial to business and personal success. Participants are provided with an overview of emotional intelligence (EI) and its components and techniques for improvement.

View the Emotional Intelligence page in Saba.


Resiliency is the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity and stress. It allows us to “bounce back” from difficult circumstances.

Resiliency Website:
This website gives all team members a chance to learn more about resiliency through access to resources anytime and from any computer or mobile device. These resources will help you apply resiliency behaviors and skills both at work and home.

View the BJC Resiliency website

Resiliency Class:
Participants will learn about five core components for resiliency: meaning, self-care, relationships, self-awareness, and optimism, as well as skills and techniques for building and strengthening resiliency.

Access the Resiliency online course in Saba

BJC Resiliency Champion Training:
Resiliency Champions are individuals that desire to work with their department or team to promote a culture of resiliency. In this training, participants will learn how they can build and support resiliency at BJC. Participants need to complete the Resiliency class before taking the BJC Resiliency Champion Training (both classes can be taken in one day). Manager approval is also required before registration is finalized.

View the BJC Resiliency Champion Program Overview for more information

For more information on the Resiliency program, please contact

Challenging Communications

This course is designed to help you examine conflict and how to evaluate, prepare for, and conduct challenging conversations. The ability to successfully manage conflict through conversation is crucial to business and personal success. Participants will examine the pros and cons of different conflict styles and conduct a challenging conversation that solves problems and minimizes defensiveness. Participants will complete an action plan to prepare for a future challenging conversation.

Access the online workbook and action plan in Saba

Business & Technology

Technology is exploding all around us. Technology impacts our lives at home and at work. Look to BILD to provide opportunities to learn about topics relevant to your work and your world. What if learning how using formulas and databases could save you hours and help you make better decisions? What if learning how to use electronic calendars could help you manage your team’s time effectively? What if learning how to set goals and prioritize your time helped you get that promotion you’ve been dreaming about. Learning is a choice. Make yours today.

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Microsoft Office Classes

We offer a robust course of classes and resources for the Modern Workspace that is Microsoft 365.

Visit Saba for more information about Microsoft classes offered by BILD.

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LMS Administrator and Support Classes

These classes will teach and give administrators rights in Saba to perform administrative actions, such as creating reports, managing the learning catalog, creating audience types and administering prescriptive rules.

Contact your Saba Primary HSO Administrator for access to these courses.
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Consultation Services

The BILD team offers a variety of services including designing customized workshops focused on your team’s specific needs, presenting topics at staff and leader retreats. To learn more about these services click here.