Becoming More Resilient

Welcome to BJC’s Resiliency Website! This site provides resources from across the system to help you learn more about building and strengthening resiliency. You will find activities, articles, videos, and other resources surrounding Meaning, Self-Care, Relationships, Self-Awareness, and Optimism.

The Butterfly Effect Project

Highlighting when we see resiliency across BJC shows how small actions can have large scale effects.

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Saba Community

Collaborate with other BJC employees to strengthen your Resiliency in the Saba Resiliency Community.

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Champion of the Year

New! You can now nominate a Resiliency Champion for Champion of the Year!

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Resiliency is the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of adversity and stress. It allows us to “bounce back” from difficult circumstances.


We’ve organized our resiliency tools around a five petal, or segment, model:

Each month we feature a different petal to highlight resources that grow your resiliency. Click the links at the top of the page to see additional tools and resources for these topics.


BJC Total Rewards

Total Rewards at BJC includes a section on the Help for Your Health initiatives.


The Employee Assistance Program provides counseling and referral services for work/life issues, including emotional/mental health, legal, financial, childcare, etc.

BJC WellAware

  • Employee fitness centers onsite at
    Barnes-Jewish Hospital campus
    and at Boone Hospital.
  • BJC WellAware Worksite Recess Videos
  • Wellness Seminars are available by request.

  • Links to External Websites

    American Psychological Association Stress Website

    University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Resource Center

    WeCare Program

    WeCare teams provide care and support to staff “in the moment” when adverse events occur. Training classes are available to become part of the existing WeCare Team or to start a new team.

    Compassion Fatigue

    In this class, participants learn about the symptoms and the factors which contribute to compassion fatigue within the healthcare setting, how to maintain their health, and to avoid burn-out and compassion fatigue.

    Emotional Intelligence

    In this class hosted by the BJC Institute for Learning and Development, participants are provided with an overview of emotional and social intelligence as well as techniques for improvement.




    Optimism is intentionally looking at the positive aspects of life and any given situation and having hope for successful outcomes. It involves looking at situations realistically, appreciating things we may take for granted, and having confidence in our ability to get through any situation.


    Look for the on this month's page to view featured content.

    ACTIVITY: Best Possible Future

    ACTIVITY: Writing Daily Affirmations

    ARTICLE: 10 steps to savoring the good things in life

    ARTICLE: 5 hidden blessings in failure

    VIDEO: Matthieu Richard: The habits of happiness

    VIDEO: Positive Thinking, 7 Easy Ways to Improve a Bad Day



    This course focuses on five core components of resiliency: meaning, self-care, relationships, self-awareness, and optimism. Participants will learn skills and techniques for building and strengthening resiliency. Click here to view available class times.


    Resiliency Champions are individuals that desire to work with their department or team to promote a culture of resiliency. In this training, participants learn how they can build and support resiliency at BJC.Participants need to complete the Resiliency class before taking the BJC Resiliency Champion Training (both classes can be taken in one day). Manager approval is also required before registration is finalized.
    Click here to view available class times.



    Resiliency champions help others become more resilient. Click here or the Champion link at the top of the page to explore our Champion support program.


    Five Science-Backed Strategies to Build Resilience

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