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BJC is committed to improving the health and well-being of our community. In order to improve our care and service to our patients, we know we need to pay attention to the development of our staff members. The BJC Institute for Learning and Development (BILD) provides many avenues for employees to expand their knowledge, including options to grow academically.

Offering Affordable Options

The BILD offers several programs in partnership with leading colleges and universities – ranging from a high school diploma to a number of masters degrees. Many of these programs meet on the BJC campus, some are online. All are through accredited academic institutions. Most of these programs are offered in a cohort model, which means you attend class with other BJC employees. You continue to learn and grow along side of these employees gaining a unique understanding of BJC’s business through a variety of lens. BJC pays the colleges and universities upfront for your courses to eliminate the need for you to pay immediately for your tuition out of your pocket. The BILD team works with the finance and HR to coordinate your use of BJC’s tuition reimbursement benefits and works with the universities to time the terms to get the most of your annual benefit.

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Upcoming Academic Cohorts:

Webster RN-BSN and MSN
Cohort 6 and 5 - January 2016
SLU Pathway to College
Cohort 8 - January 2016

Academic Advisement

Personally, I love learning. Any opportunity I have to gain additional insights and knowledge, I will take.



We offer classes that will help you build your professional career.

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We offer consultation and classes that focus on building your team by strengthening relationships and using everyone's best attributes to create the best team possible.

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We offer consultation and classes that align with BJC's mission to ensure we all Make BJC Better.

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