Team Development

Working together to continuously improve BJC

What’s a high-reliability organization? It’s an organization that operates in a complex, sometimes hazardous environment and makes only a few mistakes over long periods of time. Should we be working to make BJC a highly reliable organization? Of course! What’s a key ingredient in this effort? Teamwork!

High Performing Teams

High performing teams consistently hit their targeted outcomes. High performing teams are made up of individuals who work together, are engaged, who take responsibility for their actions, and provide the highest level of care and service to patients and clients. At BJC, the expectation is that teams should always be getting better - there is no “plateau”; even great teams can and should get better. The High Performing Team program at BJC is designed to support teams from the ground up in this pursuit of team excellence now and into the future.

Process Improvement

A key part of making BJC better is analyzing and improving our work processes. BILD offers leaders and teams several programs in partnership with the Transformation Support team to build foundational skills and core competencies in continuous improvement.


Project Initiate and Plan
This 1.5-day session will help project leaders learn how to develop a thorough, focused project approval and project plan, which is critical to  building and maintaining a well-defined project.


Black Belt
The Black Belt program consists of a series of prerequisite classes. The four weeks of Black Belt are designed to teach the tools associated with the five DMAIC phases (define, measure, analyze, improve and control). Each week of training will be separated by a 3-4 week gap for Black Belt candidates to use what they have learned to work on their project. Their project work will be reviewed throughout the program and submitted for final approval when completed.

Participants must have:

• Executive leadership approval from TWG

• Chartered/sponsored project

• Assigned champion

• Assigned Black Belt mentor

• Completed all prerequisite courses (Facilitation Skills for Leaders, ACT, Project Initiate & Plan, Project Management Fundamentals, Lean Facilitator. Problem Solving and Decision Making is recommended, not required)


Lean Facilitator
In this week-long, five-day program, participants will learn and apply core lean tools including Value Stream Mapping, 5S and Visual Management, Standard Work JIT, Push/Pull, Error Proofing, and Daily Management. Participants will also learn how to plan and run Kaizen or Rapid Improvement Events.

Participants must have Executive leadership approval from TWG and complete the following prerequisite courses: FSL, ACT, and Project Initiate & Plan. Participants should come to class with a current project.

Consultation Services

The BILD team offers a variety of services including designing customized workshops focused on your team’s specific needs, presenting topics at staff and leader retreats. Learn more about these services by clicking here.