About BILD

Building You. Building Teams. Building BJC.

We are in service to you. Whether you need a refresher on active listening or help with graphically representing your data, we're here for you. Whether your team needs to build trust or understand different communication styles, we're here for you. And whether you need help leading change or help educating staff on a new safety protocol, we're here for you.


Address: 8300 Eager Road, Suite 200A Saint Louis, Missouri 63144
Phone: 314-362-0983
Email: [email protected]

BILD Events

The BILD is your ally in bringing team members together from across the system to build their knowledge, not only through instructor-led training and online courses, but through facilitation of meetings, events, and more.


Consultation Services

We offer a variety of consultation services to fit the needs of our system. If you wish to learn more, click here.


Saba, BJC's Learning and Integrated Talent Management system, is your interactive learning hub and an important resource for online classes, in-person class registration, Performance Management, and more. It also includes your Learning Plan, which includes a running history of classes you've taken in the past, mandatory annual training, and any classes your manager has assigned to you.

We have multiple aids to help you become familiar with Saba. Once you log in to the Online Learning Center, look for the HELP tab.

To log in to Saba use the login link located at the top right of this page using your BJC ID and password, or follow the prompts on the page.

If you are experiencing issues with the Online Learning Center (Saba), please contact the Help Desk or call 314-362-4700.

The BILD also provides classes for HSO Administrators and managers. For additional information, visit the Your Development Page for more information.


If you need assistance with Academic Partnerships or Scholarships, contact the Academic Partnership team.

If you are having issues with this website, please contact Jen Patton.

If you are experiencing issues with the Saba, please contact the Help Desk, 314-362-4700.

If you need help with any additional BILD services, please contact Lois Currie, 314-362-0983.