Organizational Development

--The BJC Institute for Learning and Development (BILD) partners with HR departments and local teams to identify areas for improvement, design solutions, and implement them.

BILD team members work through and are an extension of the HR department, providing additional expertise and manpower to achieve team, department, and HSO goals.

In addition, BILD supports system-wide HR initiatives.

Examples of BILD support include:

   • Consultation, advisement, and support in the capacity needed

   • Intervention design, development and delivery

   • Specialized interventions such as team development, retreat support, assessments, and employee engagement support

   • Localized learning interventions

   • Meeting facilitation

Process Improvement

An integral component of making medicine better is continuous, mindful, and directed process improvements.

As teams within BJC seek to learn and analyze root causes of programs, and then use this knowledge - along with proven tools to make sustainable change - they improve quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

BILD team members partner with and support process improvement initiatives.

Talent Management

The best organizations attract, retain, and grow the best talent. While every employee is responsible for their own career, BJC provides support and career planning resources.

In addition, BJC takes a system-wide approach to ensure we are growing the talent we need for the future, especially our leadership talent. New leader assimilation, system-wide leadership talent assessment, and three-year rolling development plans are just some of the tools and services offered through BILD.

Regulatory Readiness

Every Hospital and Service Organization strives to be regulatory ready every day. We partner with HSOs to help make the days of frantic preparation in the months prior to an expected accreditation review a thing of the past.

While every HSO is responsible for its own readiness, HSOs are collaborating more and more to learn and share best practices. We can expect that collaboration to continually increase. As the BILD, our team members partner with and support regulatory readiness education initiatives.

Clinical Education

The demand for clinical excellence continues to increase and BJC is committed to ensure each clinician at BJH is prepared to meet that demand and make BJC better.

From preceptor programs to in-services, career ladders, and degree programs, our clinicians have access to programs and services to broaden their clinical skills and advance their careers.

BILD team members partner with and support clinical education initiatives.

Quality and Safety

Our quality and safety information is increasingly available to patients and families.

BILD team members partner with and support quality and safety initiatives.

Consultation Services

If you are a manager, director or VP and want to take your unit or department to the next level, consider accessing our Organizational Development (OD) consultants.

We can partner with you to explore the opportunities and challenges you face in achieving that next level. Then, we can offer suggestions, guidance, and other support to you.

Our consultation services range from brainstorming for non-complex issues, to a more involved solution that you implement, to a robust solution for complex issues that we (and your HR business partner) can support longer term.

Our OD consultants are an extension of your HR department. To get started, please contact your HR Business Partner to access your HSO's OD consultant.