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Learning matters to you. It's evident in the growing demand for classes that you've told us are important to you, your career and your success at BJC. And that's why you are here at, exploring the vast number of classes available to you at your convenience. We encourage you to seek the learning opportunities at BJC that are right for you. Because your learning matters, it leads to your success as an individual and as an employee and it contributes to the success of BJC. We hope that you will find what you are looking for with the sheer breadth of courses available to each of you. Browse our selection of classes and when you are ready to register, connect to our Online Learning Center (Cornerstone).



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Personal Development Sessions

Personal Development Sessions

The Personal Development classes offered by the Center for LifeLong Learning are designed to help you in life and in your career. An array of in-depth offerings help set you on a course for personal and professional improvement. Some of our more popular programs are highlighted here. For a complete listing, visit the Online Learning Center (Cornerstone).

Communication Suite

Challenging Conversations

This course examines conversations and the challenges of communicating effectively. Participants will examine an approach to conversations that explore differences, being open to other perspectives, making decisions and sharing best practices and creative solutions.

Conversations that Count

This course covers effective conversation skills related to supporting others, providing coaching and feedback, listening effectively and questioning with purpose. Participants will discover tips and techniques to help them have conversations that count.

Conversations that Deliver

This course focuses on conversation skills that facilitate resolving disagreements in ways that maintain constructive communication, build healthy working relationships and keep the organization moving forward. Participants will explore ideas that resolve differences while keeping emotions and relationships on track.

For more information contact:

Lois Currie
Learning Coordinator


Personal Development Suite:

Being Successful in a Dynamic Workplace Environment

Think big about your success in today’s ever changing healthcare setting. Participants will focus on key concepts and ideas to heighten self -awareness and explore fundamentals for achievement. Leverage these traits to enhance your impact within the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence: It’s All About Me

This course is designed to enhance your self-awareness and make emotions work for you to manage yourself and your relationships with others. Understanding and improving the connection between emotions and actions is crucial to business and personal success. Participants are provided with an overview of emotional intelligence and its components and techniques for improvement.

It’s All About Relationships

The ability to interact effectively with people is one of the defining skills in today's workplace. Participants will explore the dynamics of relationships and their influence on personal and professional success. This session will focus on methods for achieving productive relationships.

True Colors: Keys to Personal Success

True Colors is a model of personality identifications that is easy to understand, remember and apply. With the colors of blue, gold, green and orange, True Colors distills the elaborate concepts of personality theory into a user-friendly, practical tool used to foster healthy, productive relationships.

For more information contact:

Lois Currie
Learning Coordinator


Personal Development Programs

Personal Development Programs

Life Lessons
This program, taken once a week for 5 weeks, is a personal journey of self-discovery that can assist in transforming attitudes and building confidence. Participants will gain new tools and knowledge to help handle stress, manage emotions and express themselves appropriately. Employees will learn about the importance of resolving conflict, making responsible choices and becoming a promoter of positive change in the work environment. Participants must receive management approval for the class.


  • Session 1: Defining Attitude
  • Session 2: Changing Your Inner Dialogue
  • Session 3: Non-Verbal Communication: A Powerful Silent Language
  • Session 4: Five Approaches to Handling Conflict
  • Session 5: Conflict Resolution

Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks. Visit the Online Learning Center (Cornerstone) for dates and times of upcoming workshops.

For more information contact:

Lois Currie
Our Learning Coordinator


Taking Charge with Confidence

Taking Charge with Confidence is a six month program that provides personal and professional insight and guidance that can be used on the job. The program is designed for clinical and non-clinical employees including charge nurses, leads, coordinators and others who make assignments, manage daily operations and provide direct or indirect patient care. Taking Charge with Confidence gives leaders the opportunity to develop their skills in areas such as communication, coaching, problem-solving, and team-building. The Taking Charge Program is a 3 hour class every 3 weeks for six months. Manager approval is required to enroll in this program.

Program Sessions:

  • Session 1-Being in Charge
  • Session 2-Starting with Me Intentional Communication
  • Session 3-Challenging Communications
  • Session 4-Forward Thinking
  • Session 5-Working Smarter Not Harder
  • Session 6-Coaching your Team
  • Session 7-Vision for the Future

Sessions are currently full. Registration for the Spring 2016 Cohort will begin in November.

For more information contact:

Meghan Mueller
Program Manager


Computer Classes

Computer Classes

Holding true to our commitment to provide learning opportunities useful to employees at any level, the Center for LifeLong Learning offers a variety of computer skills classes. These classes, which range from basic computing and email proficiency to Microsoft Office applications, give participants real-world knowledge they can apply immediately.

As part of the BLI's Business Skills Track, Groupwise productivity, and Microsoft classes (which are recommended for college credit), are offered year round. Check out dates and times at the Online Learning Center (Cornerstone).

For more information on Microsoft Office classes contact:

Kris Jorstad
Manager, Learning Technologist


Check out the CLL-Microsoft Learning site for more information and for class handouts.

Here is a list of the Computer Classes offered:

Windows 7 Basic Skills
For new computer users, this class helps develop computer skills using the Windows 7 environment. Learn how to manage windows, use a keyboard, use a mouse and how to save and access files and folders.
Excel 2010 Basic Skills

This course teaches the fundamentals of working in the 2010 spreadsheet environment. Learn how to enter and edit data, create basic formulas, and how to properly set up printing options.

Word 2010 Basic Skills

This course teaches basic word processing skills. Learn how to enter, edit and format text, use Autocorrect and spell check, insert bullet/number lists, manage tabs and indents and ways to print.

PowerPoint 2010 Basic Skills

This course teaches how to create a basic slide presentation. Learn proper ways to enter and format text in a slide, add design themes, options for saving the presentation, manage slide masters, and view/ print a presentation.

Access 2010 Basic Skills

This course teaches new users the fundamentals of database programs including creating and editing tables, running Queries, Reports and building data entry forms. Classes coming soon.

Excel 2010 Advantage Classes

- Organizing Data
- Data Analysis & Charting
- Formulas You Can Use
- Linking & Protecting Data
- Advanced Formatting/Editing

Word 2010 Advantage Classes

- Creative Design and Formatting
- Academic Formatting

PowerPoint 2010 Advantage Classes

- Design, Themes and Templates
- Inserting Objects - Media & Illustrations
- Animations, Transitions, & Hyperlinking
- Slide Show & Other Outputs

Access 2010 Advantage Classes

- Creating Custom Forms, Macros & Expressions

Office 2010 Transition Class

This 3-hour class demonstrates the major changes within the 2010 environment that effect all the Office software. It provides users with a great overview and helpful hints on organizing and managing the new tools such as the Backstage View, tabs, ribbons, Quick Access toolbar and the status bar.

Cornerstone Support Series

This ongoing series for administrators focuses on a different Cornerstone topic each month. Sessions might include quarterly enhancements, reporting features, curriculum development and support, or roster management. Content is delivered through hands-on workshops or via web conferences. Administrative access to Cornerstone is required. Search the phrase “Support Series” within Cornerstone for a current list of topics.

Technology Toolkit Online Training

Do you need to develop and deliver online training? This course presents free development tools for creating engaging, fun and interactive online courses. Basic instructional design principles will be discussed as well as tips/tricks on e-learning course needs. In addition, publishing needs for the Cornerstone Learning Management System will be covered.

Cornerstone HSO

This course is intended for the primary HSO administrators for the Cornerstone OnDemand learning management system. Topics include creating events and sessions, creating and managing groups and curricula, enrolling students and managing rosters, adding instructors and facilities and running reports. For more information, contact Patti Richards at 314-362-3468.

Cornerstone ILT Basic Admin Workshop

This course is intended for administrators transitioning to BJC’s learning management system, Cornerstone OnDemand. Completion of the hands-on workshop is required before administrative access will be granted. New requests for access should be addressed to the primary administrator for your hospital or service organization, who will then contact Steven Loomis in the Center for LifeLong Learning. Topics include creating and managing sessions (classes), managing rosters, adding or updating instructors and how to run reports.

GroupWise Calendaring and E-Mailing

This course helps participants make more effective use of their GroupWise calendars and enhances email productivity. Topics include calendar views, scheduling appointments, alarms, sending emails, using categories, proxy, tools/rules, using Help, organizing folders and tips and tricks. Basic emailing skills are assumed. This class can also be offered to intact work groups.

GroupWise: Getting Organized

Learn how to better organize your emails by creating rules to automatically assign Categories, move messages into folders, or send automatic replies. Show emails in your Task List and assign deadlines so you don't lose track of any follow up needed. Learn how to set up an archive to permanently save important emails and calendar items. Create Distribution lists and share them with other GroupWise users.